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Eccentric Pursuits of the Rich and Famous

It’s no secret that the world’s wealthy elites have a lot of spare time on their hands. And for this reason, it comes as little surprise that they often get up to some pretty weird stuff.

Business magnate Howard Hughes (1905-1976), for example, often refused to wear clothes for fear of germs, while property tycoon Leona Helmsley (1920-2007) left most of her vast estate to her favorite pet dogs.

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Britain’s John ‘Mad Jack’ Mytton

22 Mar 2022

Extreme wealth and eccentricity have always gone hand-in-hand, as is seen in the case of John Mytton (1796-1834). A British aristocrat, Mytton earned the nickname ‘Mad Jack’ after riding a bear to a dinner party. He also reportedly set himself on fire in hopes of curing a case of hiccups.

IKEA Founder Ingvar Kamprad; a Study in Frugality

15 Feb 2022

Sweden’s Ingvar Kamprad, who founded the IKEA chain of hypermarkets, was said to be worth $1.5 billion when he died in 2018. Yet despite his enviable wealth, Kamprad was known for extreme penny-pinching, even going so far as to recycle his used teabags.

Leona Helmsley; the Queen of Mean

11 Jan 2022

While she was alive, American property magnate Leona Helmsley earned the nickname ‘Queen of Mean’ due to her overbearing personality and tyrannical behavior. Upon her death in 2007, Helmsley left her estate, said to be worth some $4 billion, to her favorite dog, a Maltese terrier named ‘Trouble.’

Howard Hughes; the Archetypal Eccentric Millionaire

6 Dec 2021

Whenever one hears the word ‘eccentric,’ they’re immediately reminded of Howard Hughes (1905-1976), who designed the world’s largest airplane and was considered the richest man in America. Yet despite his enormous wealth, Hughes, who struggled with obsessive-compulsive disorder, spent the final years of his life as a recluse.